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Marijuana Delivery Napa

Finally, marijuana is becoming more accepted across America, with more states than ever before allowing their residents to use the substance to assist them with their medical conditions. All you need in order to sign up to use Pot Valet’s cannabis dispensary is a valid form of Medical ID. We will verify and approve your account within minutes so that you can place your first order. We offer delivery options to customers across the state of California, and Napa residents are able to take advantage of our ultra high-speed instant delivery option. This ensures that you will receive your marijuana order within 45 minutes, as long as you place your order within our delivery times of 10am and midnight daily.

If you don’t live in Napa, you can still use Pot Valet, but if you are not in a county that is eligible for our super fast delivery service, you will need to choose our overnight delivery service instead. This option means that you will get your cannabis products within 24-48 hours of making your order.

Pot Valet is an online marijuana dispensary that offers you lab tested, completely safe and legal marijuana and marijuana infused products. Our extensive online catalogue offers you a great range of products to choose from including hundreds of varieties of actual marijuana flowers that you can buy. For a longer acting effect, you can purchase edibles. These are tasty edible products such as chocolates and candy that are infused with marijuana. They release slow acting marijuana chemicals into your body so that you experience the effects more gradually and they will last longer. Some people prefer this, especially if they want to use the marijuana to help their symptoms throughout the day whilst they are continuing with their daily lives.

If you’re ready to place your marijuana delivery order with Pot Valet, simply choose the sign up option on our website and submit your details and proof of eligibility to purchase marijuana. Whilst you are waiting for us to check your details, you could be browsing our online catalogue so you can make your order as soon as your account is approved. Because you are a Napa resident, you’ll have your marijuana in no time at all!

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