Chamber Rasta Wig Wag Bubbler, 3 Chamber Rasta Wig Wag Bubbler California

3 Chamber Rasta Wig Wag Bubbler


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Product Description

3 Chamber Rasta Wig Wag Bubbler California

Chamber Rasta Wig Wag bubblers are basically a pipe with a water chamber to filter and cool the smoke. You get a very smooth smoking session out of it.

Why choose 3 Chamber Rasta Wig Wag Bubbler?

Wig Wag spoon pipes from potvalet are always popular and get the most attention when they get passed around everywhere. These eye-catching colorful spoon pipes are designed perfectly. Each 3 Chamber Rasta wig wag bubbler has a special feature, inverted cone ash catcher mouthpiece, it combines both functionality and power. This is feature that an “average” spoon pipe does not have.

They easily fit into any pocket or bag, and you do not require any special safekeeping case for it.If you have been looking for a stylish new bubbler for your evening smoke sessions, then this is a decent pick to make. This is a beautiful 3 Chamber Rasta Wig Wag Bubbler available in green, yellow multicolor. Easily available with us. Start your bubbler collection now!

They feature a sturdy glass hand grip, for your comfort and convenience. We offer you high-quality bubblers from high quality materials. Our product is original. It is one of the best designed model.


  • Length: 3 inch
  • Shape: Wig Wag
  • Color: Green, Yellow, Multicolor
  • High Quality


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