7 Inch Double Chamber Bubbler California

7 Inch Double Chamber Bubbler

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Product Description

7 Inch Double Chamber Bubbler California

This 7 inch double chamber glass bubbler is one of our favorite bubbler. The unique design really stands out while also providing a smooth hit every time. The perfect addition to your glass collection! Features a shower head perc in each of the two chambers, a bent neck, and a rounded mouthpiece.

The word ‘unique’ is effectively used when describing this amazing 7 inch double chamber glass bubbler pipe; among weed pipes, it is truly unique. For those who enjoy collecting weed pipes for themselves, then this is one of the best to get. This is a true masterpiece. Once smoke passes through this 7 inch chamber bubbler, its amazing.  The design is just mind blowing.


  • Length : 7 inch
  • Shape: Double Chamber
  • Unique Design
  • A bent neck and rounded mouthpiece


1 review for 7 Inch Double Chamber Bubbler

  1. Anthony
    5 out of 5


    This is my favorite Bubbler

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