7 Inch Green Percolator Sherlock Bubbler Pipe California

7 Inch Percolator Sherlock


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Product Description

7 Inch Green Percolator Sherlock Bubbler Pipe California

This is the Green Glass Percolator Sherlock Bubbler that is quite an affordable piece has a kick ass look. You get a very smooth smoking session out of it.

This 7 Inch Hand Pipe Percolator Sherlock Bubbler is green in color with clear glass in between. It is made from high quality borosilicate glass. We all know how good that type of glass is against thermal shock. This bubbler has to be one of the best double chambered style as it really gives a good feel about it when its in your hands. It fantastically balances itself and will give you the smoking experience that is fit for kings. If you have been looking for a stylish new pipe for your evening smoke sessions, this is a decent pick to make.

This affordable 7 inch  percolator sherlock bubbler from pot valet is made of quality borosilicate glass with a green glass base. This Glass Stand Sherlock Bubbler is a unique, sophisticated bubbler that has  mouthpiece color of the glass bubbler while the center piece remains green.  This is a beautiful 7 inch sherlock available in green color. Easily available with us. The bowl and the stem feature  and the bubbler’s bottom is flat, enabling you to stand the pipe safely on a flat surface.
  • Length: 7 inch
  • Color:  Green
  • Clear Glass

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