8 Inch Donut Bubbler California

8 Inch Donut Bubbler


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Product Description

8 Inch Donut Bubbler California

The Donut  Bubbler pipe, standing at the 8 inches tall, is fantastic bubbler capable of delivering results. Very thick with unique art and colors. The base of this Donut Bubbler is approximately 2.5 inches wide.  add water and  enjoy!

We offer you with quality bubbler.Then this 8 inch donut bubbler is what you’re looking for. With its 8 inch neck, and its percolating power, you can expect long soft draws each and every time. Among weed pipes, this one is a must have for dedicated concentrate.

Smoking weed has never been sophisticated. This  8 inch donut bubbler pipe combines clear glass patterns with a classic look of a Sherlock Holmes’ pipe. The unique design adds a modern touch to this bubbler and gives it a textured appearance, but it has a smooth finish which helps anyone to hold easily. Donut bubbler weed pipes with potvalet are made of tough glass and come in a variety of rich colors to choose from. The size of Donut bubbler i.e. 8 inch can easily fit in your hand and looks nice while holding.


  • Length: 8 inches tall & 2.5 inches wide
  • Shape: Donut
  • Easy to handle
  • Percolating power


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