8 Inch Fritz Bubbler California

8 Inch Fritz Bubbler


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Product Description

8 Inch Fritz Bubbler California

The word ‘unique’ is effectively used when describing this amazing 8 inch fritz bubbler; among weed pipes, it is truly unique. For those who enjoy collecting weed pipes, then this 8 inch fritz bubbler should be on the list of those to get. This is a true masterpiece and original.

We offer you with quality bubbler.Then this 8 inch fritz bubbler is what you’re looking for. With its 8 inch neck, and its percolating power, you can expect long soft draws each and every time. Among weed pipes, this one is a must have for dedicated concentrate.

Smoking weed has never been sophisticated. This  8 inch fritz bubbler pipe combines clear glass patterns with a classic look of a Sherlock Holmes’ pipe. The unique design adds a modern touch to this bubbler and gives it a textured appearance, but it has a smooth finish which helps anyone to hold easily. Fritz bubbler weed pipes with potvalet are made of tough glass and come in a variety of rich colors to choose from. The size of fritz bubbler i.e. 8 inch can easily fit in your hand and looks nice while holding. Get one for yourself or give it as a gift to someone else.


  • Length:  8 inch
  • Shape: Fritz Bubbler
  • Easily to handle
  • Clear glass

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