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Absolute Xtracts – THC Honey Straw

5.00 out of 5 Absolute Xtracts – THC Honey Straw
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Absolute Xtracts – THC Honey Straw


4 straws – per Pack

Absolute Xtracts Cannabis-infused Honey Straws are made from 100% organic honey and THC cannabis oil extracts. Sourced from outdoor, organically grown California cannabis, these packs of absolute bliss come in just one size but have varying THC concentration levels. Compared to cannabis oil capsules and other edibles of the same THC dose, Absolute Xtracts THC Honey Straws offer the best value for money.

Absolute Xtracts THC Honey Straws are edibles suited for both medical and recreational use so you can opt for low doses if you’re not a seasoned marijuana user. This delectable treat packed with the high potency of THC is for everyone. It has a typical hybrid flavor and is quite versatile in use. Add it to your yogurt, tea, fruit beverage, or eat from the straw. If you have superb culinary skills, get creative with these Honey Straws and enjoy them—whichever way you like!

4 honey straws: per pack

Ingredients: Supercritical CO2 extracted cannabis oil, organic honey, coconut oil.

Instructions: Use as needed. Effects should be noticeable in 20 to 30 minutes, and last 1-2 hours.

Brand                                         Absolute Xtracts

Product Category              Medicinal Marijuana Edibles

Pack Sizes                                10mg

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3 reviews for Absolute Xtracts – THC Honey Straw

  1. Clint
    5 out of 5


    These are really cool. Love me some honey straws

  2. Ismael
    5 out of 5


    Thanks for fast delivery. Also Good product!!

  3. Cornelius
    5 out of 5


    Can’t get enough of these things

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