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Allen Wrench – Sativa Marijuana Strain


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Allen Wrench

Allen wrench is the newest and strongest strain of Marijuana and known for its impressive properties. Allen wrench is a cross between Trainwreck and NYC Diesel. Both Trainwreck and NYC Diesel possess unique qualities and result in a hybrid that includes properties of both strains. The smell of Allen wrench strain is sour but its taste is really delicious and crisp.

Allen wrench strain is a highly potent and beautiful Sativa marijuana. This herb is known to offer extensive psychoactive experience. This strain offers a clear and all day cerebral effect. The THC level of the product is up to 24%. This Sativa strain provides excellent fruity, sour, and diesel flavors and clear, clean, and durable head high. Allen wrench strain is used for several medical uses including depression, Tourette’s syndrome, migraine, and depression.

Also remember, this strain is susceptible to nutrients burn and needs a delicate and precise amount of nutrients. Due to its stimulating features, this product is perfect for daytime use.

It is known to boost mood and enhance appetite. A great product for those looking to improve alertness and energy. A highly effective strain to reduce anxiety and stress level. Buy now and add to your regular use!

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