Alpine Disposable Vapor Pen – Indica


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Alpine Vapor is a leading company known for its quality and standard products. Its disposable vapor pen is excellent for those who are seeking to get relaxation. Its high purity creates a unique formula that offers enjoyable taste without any bitter or plastic-y aftertaste. This vaporizer is easy to use and offers utmost effects. It doesn’t require any charging or filing but is ideal for meditating on the go.

The ingredients involve are natural flavoring and terpenes, solvent-free molecularly distilled cannabis oil. It contains up to 150 fits. The purification method of Alpine methods offers great e-liquid taste without giving any bitter taste afterward. Formulated using the blend of polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol, it is perfect for those who are seeking to relax their mind.

Available in a number of flavors – Indica, Lavender Ice-cream, Orange Julius, Dubble bubble, chills, and Honey Rose, you can pick the one that is suitable for your vaping needs.

If you are looking for discreet vaping, then Alpine Disposable Vapor Pen Indica is the ultimate choice. It comes with pre-charged and pre-filling e-liquid.

For those who want safest, purest and discreet cannabis product should definitely get hands-on Alpine Disposable Vapor Pen Indica.

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