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Tired of charging and filling vapor pen? Alpine presents disposable vapor pen –sativa. This pen requires no charging and filling, giving an ease to the user to vape whenever he needs. This is 100% solvent and contaminant free. The cutting-edge purification method of Alpine allows them to offer great taste e-liquids.

Easy to use, anywhere, anytime! The Alpine disposable vapor pen –sativa has mouth-watering taste, discreet and effective as well. Different flavors available are Honey rose, orange Julius, fruity pebbles, and double bubble.

The vapor pen is made from the blend of polyethylene glycol and food grade propylene glycol. Because of its high purity, it creates a unique formula that gives a treat to the taste buds. If you are seeking to buy a unique taste vape, then look no other sativa flavor in Alpine disposable vapor pen.

The pen is 300 MG so you can easily use it every day and it will last for a few weeks. Our disposable vapor pen includes sustainable concentrates, safe and effective e-liquids that make it enjoyable for the user.

All the extracts are tested in labs at more than 80% THC. Buy now online from our website today and enjoy vaping experience.

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