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Alpine hybrid cartridge – 500mg


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Product Description

The alpine hybrid cartridge is tested at 72% + THC and compatible with 510 thread battery. Hybrid, which is considered as one of the commended strains is very effective and makes the best choice for those who don’t want to give up potency for convenience.

The Alpine hybrid cartridge is handmade with organic sun-grown distilled cannabis through a solvent-free method. The result is potent and pure oil that contains natural flavor and rich in terpenes.

OG Kush in it provides immediate relief for headaches, stress and chronic pain. It comes in 1 and ½ gram, making it easier for you to buy your desired quantity.

With quality assurance, Alpine hybrid cartridge gives decent high and transforms your body into relaxing mode. For good hits, it is undoubtedly a nice mouthpiece.

It’s just one of a kind cartridge and a dabber must try once. The Alpine concentrate starts with organic and locally grown cannabis flowers. Hence, it provides the best relaxation due to concentrates on cannabis.

If you are seeking to reap all its benefits, then get it today from us. We provide the highest quality products at affordable price. Buy now!

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