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Alpine Indica Cartridge – 500mg


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Product Description

Our Alpine Indica Cartridge offers instance relief when you are seeking for in a vape. Say no to harsh smoke with this enhanced cannabis experience. To get the most optimal experience make sure to

—–> Set its battery to volt 3.4 or lower than that

—–> Avoid using box mod batteries as it will not work

How to take it for ultimate affect and experience?

—–> Take 1-2 seconds to start as this permit the resin to saturate the wick completely.

—–> It will take 3 seconds maximum draw when wick has been saturated.

Formulated from 75% and without THC solvent concentrate marking organic tarpenes derived from plants are actually true to strain.

Our Alpine Indica Cartridge is made from Pyrex ® glass and stainless steel. These are also threaded with 510/eGo fittings that are useful for almost any sort of vape. You can choose from Hybrid, Sativa and Indica.

Shop for Alpine Indica Cartridge today and enjoy it on the go.

These cartridges have been properly tested and also compatible with 510-thread battery. These are ideal for those who don’t afford to give up potency for convenience.

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