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Animal Cake weed Strain – Indica – by Inhalence


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Animal Cake weed Strain – Indica – by Inhalence


What is Animal Cake weed Strain – Indica – by Inhalence all about?

Animal Cake by Inhalence is a popular Indica-heavy strain with bestselling status in California. Inhalence grows these buds in the best conditions. Quality assured. Tests find no impurities whatsoever, making purity a primary focus. They also measure THC levels around 30 percent, making this among the most potent of all strains. With Animal Cookies and Birthday Cake as parents, it makes a very tasty surprise.

However, potency is extreme. This is great for most, but for newbies, a slow start is wise. Effects are fast. Immediate. You feel a powerful surge of cerebral energy, a blissful euphoria. This soon morphs into the most relaxing body stone you ever felt. Animal Cake is calming. Sedating. In big doses, it can knock you out. Couchlock is certain, as is the “munchies.” For this reason, this strain is best in the evening.

Therapeutically, Animal Cake offers a rich diversity of medicinal properties. With an abundance of cannabinoids, terpenes, and even flavonoids, patients benefit from its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anxiolytic, antidepressant, antiemetic, anticonvulsant, anticancer, antiepileptic, antitumor, antioxidant, antispasmodic, and anti-most everything else effects. It regulates appetite and makes sleep come easy.

Everybody benefits from Inhalence Animal Cake, however. Not medical users alone. It is potent, full of rich flavors, and it promises a powerful body stone that will leave you wanting more. Without fail.

THC: 28%

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