Apricot Breath

Apricot Breath weed – Sativa – by Herbarium

5.00 out of 5 Apricot Breath weed - Sativa - by Herbarium
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Apricot Breath weed – Sativa – by Herbarium

Apricot Breath weed by Herbarium is one of the fastest selling strains in California. Although its exact genetics remain a secret, its Sativa-heavy buzz is legendary. The company grows only the finest weed, and this claim comes guaranteed. Tests prove it too, finding no contaminants or impurities at all. Further, THC levels measure around 28 percent, making this the perfect potent strain for daytime, even anytime use.

Newbies will love Apricot Breath. Although potent, this happy, productive strain will leave you giggling sociably for several busy and active hours. It is the ideal choice for completing projects, perhaps even exploring mountains, or maybe just cleaning house. Effects are immediate. You will feel a powerful surge of pure energy that really tingles body and soul. As such, it is wise to avoid this strain before bed.

If you are using cannabis medicinally, then Apricot Breath is a great strain for treating fatigue. It will have you awake and alert very quickly. It also relieves pain, inflammation, nausea, vomiting, toxicity, anxiety, depression, muscular disorders, like spasms, as well as cancers, seizures, convulsions, glaucoma, headaches, tumors, appetite issues, concentration troubles, social problems, and much, much more.

The Herbarium Apricot Breath strain benefits all who try it, not medical patients alone. It is popular for its uplifting, hours-long Sativa effects, and its potency attracts recreational users from across the state.

THC: 28.05%

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1 review for Apricot Breath weed – Sativa – by Herbarium

  1. James
    5 out of 5


    Great strain!

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