Balance Cucumber Lime gummy

Balance Cucumber Lime gummy – Hybrid – by Plus – CBD + THC

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Balance Cucumber Lime gummy – Hybrid – by Plus – CBD + THC

70mg THC

30mg CBD

People say it’s difficult to achieve a well-balanced life. But not with these Balance Cucumber Lime gummies from Plus. Plus has done these high quality products and cannabis-infused 70:30 THC to CBD gummies. Each weed gummy contains 5 mg, with a mixture of 3.5 mg THC and 1.5 mg CBD (20 servings per container), a perfect balance of THC and CBD.

The sweet cucumber edibles paired with lime is perfect for your experimental taste buds. If you’re not feeling a hundred percent and needed a bit of that mood lift, this is something to take the tension off. A real mood booster in a subtle way, just enough to make your body feel light and mind at ease. If you are lightweight, this is a good, mellow buzz to get you through your optimal productive day. Each treat is deliciously flavored in sweet citrus plus it’s gluten free. It has well-balanced micro dose that makes you less “stoned” (which comes from an all-THC product). It’s not named “balance” for no reason at all. Whether you want a smaller dose or maximum effect, the small increments make it easier for you to minimize or maximize the experience; feeling balanced is essentially guaranteed. Get yours today at PotValet.

20 gummy edibles

5mg each

70mg THC total per Tin

30mg CBD total per Tin

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