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Banana Cream Cannabis Flower – Hybrid


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Product Description

Banana Cream Cannabis Flower – Hybrid

A slightly sativa-dominant flower of 60/40 equanimity, Banana Cream Cannabis is amazingly psychoactive. It bursts with a full-bodied profile, expressing notes reminiscent of Banana OG. Originally a hybrid strain developed by Utopia Farms, “Chiquita Banana” or Banana Cream boasts an average THC pushing over 30%.

Monterey Kush Co produces premium, all-natural cannabis and the quality of this hybrid strain will suffice for the claim. Widely believed to be a cross of Banana OG X OG Kush, Banana Cream inherits the qualities of both parents.

What is Banana Cream strain actually like ?

While not exactly banana, this strain gives off rich scents of hash and spice, and burns with sweet, tropical and citrus notes. Its easy to break buds are covered with amber colored interweaving pistils, and its leaves are pigmented in golden yellow and bright spring green.

Chiquita Banana is a fast-hitting strain that sets off with a sensation of increased blood flow to the temples and face area. It comes on fully with a cerebral rush that could dazzle even the most experienced tokers.

Banana Cream Cannabis is a hybrid strain that could become very important in the medical circle. Given its extreme psychoactivity, mood-lifting properties and predominantly upbeat effects, this versatile strain can momentarily improve stress, depression, anxiety, deep-seated pains, and inflammation.


  • Happy
  • Creative
  • Euphoric
  • Talkative
  • Relaxed

Classification: Sativa-dominant Hybrid – 60%

Lineage: Banana OG X OG Kush

THC Average: 30%

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