RAD Banana Pancakes Cartridge – Indica – 500mg

5.00 out of 5 RAD Banana Pancakes Cartridge – Indica – 500mg
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Banana Pancake Cartridges



What are Banana Pancake Cartridges?

RAD offers up the best of quality and taste when it gets to the art of vaping. Made from some of the dankest strains from California, RAD vape carts maintains consistency in potency and taste. These are premium quality THC distillate vapes uniquely formulated to want to party like those ancient Danes in the movie Beowulf .

An offspring of OG Kush and Banana, this gorgeous Indica-leaning hybrid saturates your palate with an indulgent sweetness redolent of over-ripe bananas. A perfect way to set yourself in the mood for a groovy night. The Banana Pancakes cart by RAD serves up 500 mg of premium THC distillate with a ceramic coil that delivers a terrific hit, every time.

RAD vapes are tested and trusted. Some vape makers use cutting agents, and add ingredients and flavors to enhance the vaping experience but RAD carts are clean, and tested to guarantee all cannabis regulations are met.

THC: 84.4%

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2 reviews for RAD Banana Pancakes Cartridge – Indica – 500mg

  1. Lynne
    5 out of 5


    Great cartridge! Hits really well.. Nice packaging and great high

  2. Marianne
    5 out of 5


    Quality, thanks!

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