Bellini cartridge

Bellini cartridge – Hybrid – 500mg


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Bellini cartridge – Hybrid – 500mg

Bellini cartridge is a hybrid cartridge, from a great strain that can knock you out in high doses. Grown lovingly in optimal conditions, each cartridge contains some of the best flowers oil California has to offer. Tested free of all contaminants and impurities, you can be sure they exceed quality standards.

THC levels fluctuate between harvests and grow conditions. The Bellini buds measure THC well over 20 percent. This is potent. You will feel a cerebral buzz at first. An unexplainable energy. This is a creative, giggly, and social strain, but it promise a body kick like no other. You will soon feel very relaxed. Sleepy. In big doses, you will feel sedated. Couchlocked. Immobile and likely starving to boot. As Indicas oft do.

If you are looking for medicinally effective weed, then these buds have much to offer you. They provide immense relief from pain, anxiety, and depression, and they do it instantly. You get the full entourage effect of various cannabinoids working together to give you antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer, antitumor, anticonvulsant, antispasmodic, analgesic, anxiolytic and other important benefits.

Although medically valuable, recreational users benefit too from smoking Bellini weed strain. Tasty, potent, and perfect for evening and bedtime use, they never disappoint. Ever.

THC: 82.80%

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