Bhang Vapor Oil Cartridges - Random Flavors -Sativa/Indica/Hybrid

Bhang Cannabis Oil Cartridges – Hybrid – 500MG


Bhang Vape Oil Cartridges – Hybrid


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Product Description

Bhang Oil Cartridges – Hybrid – 500MG

Bhang oil cartridges hybrid is extracted by the co2 method with no additives, no glycols, and no glycerine. It consists of 70% THC. These oil cartridges are very pure and taste awesome. These are made of pure oil directly from the organic flower. It is very beneficial for those suffering from hypertension, and pain. It will make you feel relaxed and sleepy.

Usage: To use Bhang Vapor Oil Cartridges Hybrid, you need to set your vaporizer wattage low to prevent fire. Remove the cartridge from the plastic tube, connect it to your vaporizer and then experience your Bhang Oil Cartridges Hybrid.

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