Product Description

Bhang Vapor Oil Cartridges - Random Flavors -Sativa/Indica/Hybrid
Bhang Vapor Oil Cartridges - Random Flavors -Sativa/Indica/Hybrid

Bhang Oil Cartridges – Hybrid – 500MG


Bhang Vape Oil Cartridges – Hybrid


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Product Description

Bhang Oil Cartridges – Hybrid – 500MG

70% + THC

Bhang Vapor Oil Cartridges Hybrid contains only pure Co2 extracted cannabis oil, no addictive, no glycerin and no glycols. Containing upwards of 70% THC, these new Bhang Oil Cartridges are extremely pure and tasty.  The product is delivered after complete lab examination for high-quality, purity, and safety. Without the presence of microbial, residual solvents, and pesticides. Packed product is labeled with strain and lab-verified levels of THC and CBD. Try Bhang products today from PotValet

Usage: Set your vaporizer wattage too low. Then, remove the cartridge from the plastic, connect it to your vaporizer and then in-take your Bhang Vapor Oil Cartridge and relax.

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