Bhang Vapor Oil Cartridges - Random Flavors -Sativa/Indica/Hybrid
Bhang Vapor Oil Cartridges - Random Flavors -Sativa/Indica/Hybrid

Bhang Oil Cartridges – Sativa – 500mg


Bhang Vape Oil Cartridges – Sativa


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Product Description

Bhang Oil Cartridges – Sativa – 500mg

70%  THC +

Bhang Oil Cartridges – Sativa  offered by Pot Valet is Premium CO2 extracted.  The product is the best fit for experienced patients. Labeled with strain and lab-tested for the steady contamination of THC, CBD, and CBN. The resulted product is pure cannabis oil – with No additives, No glycols, No glycerin and highly effective. The product does not contain any amount of microbial, residual solvents, and pesticides and tested for quality, safety, and purity.

For the people looking for 25-35% THC level, Bhang’s Natural Oil cartridges are best. Bhang’s Pure Oil cartridge is good for people willing for 50-65% range of THC and for highest THC dosage, at least 70%, you can choose Bhang’s Black Private Reserve.

Usage: To use Bhang Vapor Oil Cartridges, firstly set your vaporizer wattage to low. A 7-wattage is recommended for the best usage . Come people also suggest to set 3.5-wattage in starting. But to avoid fire escape the lower heat is suggested. Remove the cartridge from the plastic tube and attach it to your vaporizer to experience your Bhang Vapor Oil Cartridges.

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