Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Strain – Indica


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Birthday Cake Strain – Indica

Birthday Cake Strain is also known as the Birthday cake or wedding cake and is an indica dominant strain (60 indica 40 sativa) with sweet cake-like taste and strong body effects. Like other desserts, Birthday cake strain is a great method to finish your day with highly relaxing effects that can soothe your body without sedating your mind. This indica strain is preferred by people dealing with anxiety, inflammation, headaches, appetite loss, and pain.

This hybrid birthday cake strain has an amazing taste of fruity vanilla skunk and the smell of this bud is little mellower. These cannabis strains have a fantastic frosty appearance, exactly like a birthday cake. After consuming, you fall into a sedated state that eventually pulls you into a peaceful and deep pain-free nap. With THC level up to 24% and powerful effects, Birthday cake kush is great for treating insomnia, migraines, inflammation, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and more.

The product is awesome to maintain a big smile on your face and allow you to be focused on your tasks properly. After smoking it, you will find yourself more productive. Bring this strain to your use and boost your overall lifestyle!


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