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BlackBerry Kush Wax – Skunk Feather


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Product Description

BlackBerry Kush Wax – Skunk Feather

What is Skunk Feather’s BlackBerry Kush Wax?

Skunk Feather’s wax is a highly concentrated cannabis extract. The company prides itself on only using sun-kissed cannabis grown organically in California’s most weed-friendly regions. Its BlackBerry Kush Wax has Indica-dominant parentage with Afghani and BlackBerry strains. Simply melt the wax and inhale the vapors, usually with a dabbing rig, or dab it directly onto joints for added potency.

How do you feel when using the Blackberry Kush Wax concentrate ?

BlackBerry Kush is a relaxing strain. It has a sweet berry flavor that adds to its initially euphoric effects. You will feel happy and sleepy, possibly with a serious case of the “munchies.” Experts recommend preparing healthy food beforehand to avoid snacking on junk. This strain is best for evening use. It can make users overly sleepy, unproductive, even non-functional, during the day.

Because of its sedating effects, BlackBerry Kush Wax is popular for treating sleeping issues. It lulls all insomniacs to sleep and is potent enough to numb even the direst of pain. Patients benefit from its anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-depressive, antiemetic, appetite stimulating, antitumor, and other powerful medical properties. They effectively use it to treat most symptoms of disease.

Skunk Feather’s BlackBerry Kush Wax will benefit everyone who tries it, both recreational and medical consumers alike. It is highly potent, with independent laboratory tests guaranteeing its purity.

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