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Bloom Farms Clementine Single Origin Cartridges – Sativa

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Product Description

Bloom Farms Clementine Cartridges

What is a Clementine Single Origin Cartridge?

Clementine is a Sativa cannabis strain that won 2nd place in 2015 for Best Sativa Concentrate at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Michigan. Bloom Farms distilled its own concentrate from it and infused it into its range of single origin cartridges. Famous for its citrusy flavor, diesel aftertaste and earthy aroma, each 500-milligram cartridge contains upwards of 70 percent THC, as well as two percent CBD.

It is exceptionally potent. Effects are fast hitting and incredibly long lasting. Clementine promises a very cerebral high, being a Sativa strain. It will energize you, give you motivation to go about a hard day, intensify your focus and perception, boost your mood, and elevate your state of mind, while leaving you feeling euphoric for several hours. Eventually, you will fall asleep to contentedly blissful dreams.

Crossed between Tangie and Lemon Skunk, Clementine cartridges by Bloom Farms possess the medical qualities of both. Patients use it to treat a horde of mild to severe health issues, from fatigue, headaches, chronic pain, appetite loss, vomiting, depression, anxiety, nausea, inflammation, muscular disorders, and so much more. However, be careful: Its potency could cause paranoia in very large doses.

Everyone who tries Bloom Farms’ Clementine cartridges benefits from it, both medical and recreational consumers alike. Loved for its tastiness, abundant vapors, and extreme potency, it is very, very popular.

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2 reviews for Bloom Farms Clementine Single Origin Cartridges – Sativa

  1. Mariano
    5 out of 5


    Strong and wonderful full strain taste! Was just like smoking the flower!! Good cartridge

  2. Jacques
    5 out of 5


    Best flavor!!!! Wonderful cartridge

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