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Bloom Farms Durban Poison – Single Origin Cartridge


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Bloom Farms Durban Poison – Single Origin Cartridge



What is Single Origin Durban Poison?

Originating from the port city of South Africa, Durban, this strain has gained popularity for its sweet but pungent smell, and energetic, uplifting effects. With a name that hints you on just how powerful its psychoactive is, Durban Poison is a pure Sativa that boasts a THC content that goes beyond 25%.

Bloom Farms Single Origin cartridge oils are crafted from 100 percent all-natural cannabis. The Durban Poison cartridge is packed with 82 percent THC. Its profile flavors and terpenes are true to the original strain, and it contains no additives.

Durban Poison’s effects are predominantly cerebral, and doesn’t have debilitating after-effects. It provides a clear and focused high that hits fast and settles in quickly. This upbeat sativa may amplify sights and sounds, making it somewhat psychedelic—an effect that may at first, seem overwhelming but which balances out into an active, buzzy head high. This strain is perfect for creative pursuits and for people who find it difficult to multitask.

Durban Poison can be used to enhance mental clarity and sociability, making it suited for people with poor concentration levels and social deficit disorders. It is popular among people experiencing depression, racing thoughts, anxiety, and elevated levels of stress.

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