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Bloom Farms Jack Herer Single Origin Cartridge – Sativa

5.00 out of 5 Bloom Farms Jack Herer Single Origin Cartridge - Sativa
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What is Bloom Farms Jack Herer Single Origin Cartridge ?

A popular Sativa-dominant hybrid with an award-winning history, Bloom Farms’ Jack Herer cartridges fly off shelves in California. These 500-milligram vaping cartridges promise quality and purity. Using only CO2 extraction methods, Bloom Farms focuses on enhancing flavor and potency. THC levels measure around 64 percent per cartridge, promising a powerful head high perfect for daytime and social use.

Famous for its fast-acting effects, Jack Herer has an even stronger kick in concentrated form. These cartridges will get you up and moving. Bloom Farms manages to blend the perfect mix of cerebral euphoria and focused mental calm, all with a delightfully spicy, piney aftertaste. Because of its energizing effects, Bloom Farms’ Jack Herer single origin cartridges are not advisable for bedtime use.

Independent laboratories test CBD levels at around .3 percent, making this a full-spectrum vaping oil ideal for therapeutic use. Crossed between Haze, Shiva Skunk, and Northern Lights, Jack Herer combines all their medical properties to effectively relieve most illnesses and their symptoms, including vomiting, pain, inflammation, nausea, fatigue, appetite loss, anxiety, depression, and far too many to ever name.

Despite its medical uses, patients do not benefit from Bloom Farms’ Jack Herer cartridges alone. Loved for its potency, delicious flavor, thick clouds, and carefree effects, it is popular for recreational use too.

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  1. Danilo
    5 out of 5


    Thats a good sativa cartridge!

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