Bodhis Cannabis Gummies

Bodhis Cannabis Gummies

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Product Description

Bodhis Cannabis Gummies

THC: 100mg

10 individual pieces: 10mg per candy

What are Bodhis Cannabis Gummies?

Bodhis is a reputable edibles brand in California. Its gummies promise potency, taste, and accurate dosing. If grape and strawberry are your flavors, then you cannot go wrong with having these in your bag or pocket. They are easy to carry around, calculate, and keep discreet, and its effects are mild enough to consume during the day, in moderation of course. Too much THC can have the opposite, often unpleasant, effect.

Infused with high quality, certified organic, testing free of genetically modified organisms and contaminants, evenly balanced hybrid strains; Bodhis Grape Gummies have happy, uplifting effects. You will feel content, almost introspective, while slowly succumbing to a deeply relaxing body buzz. Although it is possible to eat these gummies during the day in small doses, it can cause sleepiness later.

Medically, patients eat Bodhis gummies to treat a different array of mild to severe illnesses, from pain to nausea, fatigue, insomnia, appetite issues, inflammation, stress-related complaints, and more. With dosing easy at 10-milligrams of THC per gummy, patients love the convenience and accuracy these packs promise. Their well-rounded effects are mild enough for work, yet suitable for a good night’s rest too.

Everyone benefits from Bodhis Grape and Strawberry Gummies, both legitimate patients and recreational consumers. Effects are powerful, gummies tasty, cannabis pure, and convenience unmatched.

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