Edible Brownie (Hybrid)

Edible Brownie (Hybrid)


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Edible Brownie (Hybrid)

500mg THC

Just as you used to enjoy them as a child, but with an adult kick, these edible Brownies are really incredible.  Whilst they may not be as healthy as you’d like them to be, they provide you with a good dose of marijuana be ingesting them.  Unlike smoking, you wont need to worry about the additional carcinogens associated with smoking. That might be bad for your body.

Edible Brownie is a rich moist brownie with lots of  tasty and fresh chocolate.

This provides lasting impact of relaxing mind, body & is very helpful in pains. People experiencing insomnia can use it to get some sweet sleeps & people with depression and stress can use it to go in a relaxed state of mind and take rest.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Choosing Edible Brownie (Hybrid)?

The 3 x strength option provides you with 3 grams of cannabis infused medical marijuana.

These are a 100% organic treat that you can enjoy every day.  If you order with Pot Valet today, you can enjoy free local delivery for Solano County customers.

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