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Bubble Gum Banana Live Resin

4.80 out of 5 Bubble Gum Banana Live Resin
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Product Description

Bubble Gum Banana Live Resin

The live resin of Bubble Gum Banana has a Vibrant brown color—a marinade of synergistic compounds. This live resin contains strain-specific terpenes, releasing a fruity and sweet aroma that fills your nostrils as soon as the jar is popped. Bubble Gum Banana Live Resin is deliciousness at its peak. Just like other concentrates you must be weary of how much you use or consume. This is a concentrated Marijuana products and contains high level of THC. With that being mentioned, the Bubble Gum Banana Live Resin is a resounding favorites amount concentrate aficionados

This concentrate is super tasty—a full spectrum sauce with insanely sweet floral flavors that light up your sense of taste. We make sure to only list products that are of high quality and potency, and this superior sauce offers you that, with its concentration levels going over 80%. With a special purification process that ensures a high level of purity, our Bubble Gum Banana live resin is sure to provide you with the best dabbing experience.

A great way to kick off the three-day weekend, the Bubble Gum Banana sauce helps you alleviate stress, depression, and lethargy. It provides pure cerebral relaxation and mental clarity—more like a cleanser for the mind and soul.

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1 Gram, 1/2 Gram

5 reviews for Bubble Gum Banana Live Resin

  1. Roosevelt
    5 out of 5


    this stuff is sooooooo good !!!

  2. Lionel
    5 out of 5


    I got soo freaking high. Couch locked

  3. Nicolas
    5 out of 5


    Had a great time with this product. Just a good all around concentrate.

  4. Bert
    4 out of 5


    The flavor was very sweet

  5. Bradford
    5 out of 5


    That is some sweet bud packed with flavor

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