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Butter OG weed – Indica – by Green Dragon

5.00 out of 5 Butter OG weed - Indica - by Green Dragon
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Product Description

Butter OG weed – Indica – by Green Dragon

Butter OG weed by Green Dragon is an incredibly rare strain. Available in California by the 3.5-gram jar, these tasty buds never disappoint. A favorite among weed lovers everywhere, Butter OG derives from mysterious genetics. Its potency measures around 29 percent, making it a great strain for newbies and those looking for a more manageable “high.” As such, it promises a truly balanced weed experience.

Despite being Indica-dominant, because potency is mild as opposed to overwhelming, many folks use Butter OG during the day. It is relaxing. Effects start with a gentle cerebral buzz that will leave you giggly and content with life. In large doses, and after a time, effects turn sleepy. Lazy. Perfect for days at home with little or nothing to do. It causes the “munchies.” Guaranteed. Make some healthy food beforehand.

For medical users, Butter OG promises much benefit. It relieves inflammation, numbs pain, fights nausea and vomiting. It effectively quells anxiety and boosts mood, treating depression in the process. These buds are rich in cannabinoids, even terpenes and flavonoids. All combine to optimize healing. By supporting the endocannabinoid system, Butter OG enhances immune function and overall health.

Recreational users benefit from Green Dragon Butter OG almost as much as patients do. These buds are tasty. They are not too high in THC either, just right for some. This makes it suitable for anytime use.

THC: 25.3%

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1 review for Butter OG weed – Indica – by Green Dragon

  1. Serena
    5 out of 5


    Some of the best OG kush I have ever had! The buds have that straight OG smell and the smoke has the OG taste! Will be back for more

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