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Cannabis Oil Syringes – Pacoima Los Angeles – 1 Gram


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Cannabis Oil Syringes San Fernando Valley

1 Gram pure organic Cannabis OIL syringes

Cannabis oil syringes are becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst those who want to treat illnesses such as cancer without the expense or adverse side effects of harsh pharmaceuticals.

These Cannabis oil syringes are easy to use and allow the user to safely administer doses of cannabis.  Oil is a pure form of cannabis that has had all the plant matter extracted from the product, leaving an oil that is rich in THC and CBD.  It can be squeezed out of the syringe and onto a finger or toothpick.  It can also be placed into pill capsules if you wish.

Why Use These Cannabis Oil Syringes?

These Brite Labs Oral syringes allow you to see how much oil you have used and how much is remaining.  They are easy to travel with as they can be stored and don’t need to be used all at once.  They can be used to treat cancer, as well as for muscle relaxation, anxiety, stress and chronic pain.


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