CBD - Sublingual Spray - 18:1

CBD Sublingual Spray – 18:1 – California


CBD – Sublingual Spray – 18:1

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Product Description

CBD Sublingual Spray – 18:1

CBD: 270mg /Bottle – 18mg/ml – 3mg/spray

THC: 15mg /Bottle – 1mg/ml – .1mg/spray

Sublingual Spray is ideal for people who are new to medicating with cannabis and don’t want to get high. People suffering from pain anxiety, psychosis, depression, and other mood disorders can get benefit from it.

The Sublingual spray is a faster-acting option to all other edibles. It is easy to use and take instant effect.  CBD Sublingual Spray is lab tested to ensure the best quality. The product is examined for the cannabinoid, terpene profiles, bacteria, mold, and pesticide residue.

Ingredients: Made with Co2 extracted cannabis oil.  The cannabis oil is extracted from organically grown cannabis outdoor.  Each bottle contains a steady amount of active CBD for reliable dosing.

CBD: 270mg /Bottle – 18mg/ml – 3mg/spray

THC: 15mg /Bottle – 1mg/ml – .1mg/spray

Usage: Shake well before using, Use 1-2 sprays under the tongue. The product allows the effective ingredients to get into the bloodstream more rapidly as the tissue under the tongue holds a large number of small blood vessels and the cannabinoids present in the spray instantly spread into these capillaries and the bloodstream.

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