CBD/THC Soft Gel Caps

CBD/THC – Gel Caps – 1:1


CBD/THC Soft Gel Caps – 1:1

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Product Description

CBD/THC Gel Caps – 1:1

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CBD: 10.2mg /Capsules
THC: 10.3mg /Capsules
5 Capsules per bottle – 50mg CBD/THC

10.2mg of CBD and 0.3mg of THC is used per Capsules.

CBD or cannabidiol products are used for healing a variety of diseases, including epilepsy, cancer, arthritis, pain, anxiety disorders, and many others. CBD Products are available in a wide range of forms like sprays, gel caps, vaping products and edibles with five levels of CBD-to-THC ratios for flexible dosing. All products are lab-tested for safety and efficiency.  Depending upon your requirements you can adjust your cannabis medicine to suit your particular situation and personal preferences. You can now buy any type of CBD product from Potvalet at affordable rates.

CBD/THC Gel Caps 1:1 is ideal for patients suffering from pain, stress, anxiety and who can tolerate THC well. CBD/THC Soft Gel Caps are suitable for long-acting relief with accurate dosing. All our cannabis soft gel capsules are lab examined to ensure the safety and highest quality. During testing, we make sure that the product contains a steady amount of active CBD and THC.

Ingredients : 10.2mg of CBD and 0.3mg of THC is used per Capsules. Cannabis oil and Coconut oil are the main Ingredients of CBD/THC Soft Gel Cap. Cannabis oil is extracted from regionally grown cannabis, and 100% pure. Each bottle comes with 5 capsules weighing 50mg in total.

Usage: CBD/THC soft gels can be used as per patients’ requirements. It may take up to 2 hours to show relaxation.

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