Product Description

CBD - Soft Gel Caps - 18:1

CBD/THC Soft Gel Caps – 18:1


CBD – Soft Gel Caps – 18:1

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Product Description

CBD/THC Soft Gel Caps – 18:1

Each bottle:  5 capsules : 100mg in total. 

20.8mg CBD and 1.17mg THC is used in one capsule.

10mg of CBD each on a ration of 18:1, CBD: THC.

CBD – Soft Gel Caps – 18:1 is suitable for cannabis beginners, who don’t want to get high. Patients suffering from anxiety, psychosis, depression and other mood disturbances can get benefit from it. The product is passed through a lab testing before delivery. We ensure highest quality and safety of the product with the consistent amount of CBD and THC.

Ingredients: Main ingredients used for making CBD/THC Soft Gel Caps – 18:1 is Cannabis oil and Coconut oil. Each bottle comes with 5 capsules weighing 100mg in total. 

Usage:  CBD/THC Soft Gel Caps – 18:1 can be used as per patients’ requirements, One capsule per serving.
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