Cherry Blasters bites

Cherry Blasters bites – Sativa – by Moon

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Cherry Blasters bites – Sativa – by Moon

THC: 100mg

Per bite: 10mg

Cherry Blasters bites by Moon are incredibly popular edibles in California. These bite-sized delights each contain 10 milligrams of a potent Sativa extract. With 10 in a pack, you get 100 milligrams of THC. Tests find no impurities whatsoever. No pesticides, no contaminants. Further, the company prides itself on quality. You know you are getting the best. The company uses only the latest extraction technologies.

Because Cherry Blasters promise Sativa-like effects, they are a good choice for daytime use. Effects are happy, sociable, motivated, focused, and productive, even if they do take an hour or so to kick in. Ten milligrams promises a notable high. As such, it is advisable to wait for effects before consuming any more. These edible cherries, being drenched in milk chocolate, are especially tasty. Overdoing it is easy.

These edibles are particularly popular among medical users. This is because the extract used contains an abundance of cannabinoids, all with their own unique therapeutic benefits. Patients use these bites to relieve pain, inflammation, vomiting, nausea, anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, headaches, glaucoma, convulsions, seizures, muscular spasms, cancers, tumors, traumas, and much more, too many to name.

However, everybody benefits from Moon Cherry Blasters, not only medical patients. They are potent, decidedly delicious, easy to carry around, perfect for daytime use, and they hint at exciting adventure.

THC: 100mg

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  1. Tammi
    5 out of 5


    Such nice Sativa edibles

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