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Cherry Cola Edible Gummy – 250mg


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Product Description

Cherry Cola Edible Gummy – 250mg

Every Cherry Cola Edible Gummy is precisely dosed with 10mg per Cola gummy, so you always know how much you’re taking.

25 Gummy – 250mg total : 10mg per Gummy

This Cherry Cola Edible Gummy is a great choice when you’re thinking about limiting your medical marijuana dose.  Infused with oil, just one gummy is strong enough for 1 dose

Hybrid brings the user a mellow and uplifting feeling and pain reliving sensation, as well as the many healing properties.

How To Use These Cherry Cola Edible Gummy?

You can use these chews to help control seizures, BPD, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, appetite loss, migraine and most pains, epilepsy, glaucoma and even HIV and AIDS.  These Cherry Cola Gummies are often popular with the elderly too as they help with arthritis and muscular and joint pain that can come with old age.  If using marijuana in it’s raw form isn’t for you, then to enjoy marijuana, Santa Barbara customers can enjoy free delivery of this edible cannabis infused Cherry Cola Edible Gummy

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