Chewee’s Sour Apple Caramel

Chewee’s Sour Apple Caramel Chews – Indica – 100mg


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Product Description

Chewee’s Sour Apple Caramel Chews – Indica – 100mg

Sour Apple Caramel Chews by Chewee’s fly off shelves everywhere they go across California. Popular for their hard-hitting Indica effects, they are outright famous for their apple caramel flavor. Derived from a mystery strain, the company uses the latest techniques to guarantee purity and quality. Both come guaranteed. Tests prove this claim, finding no contaminants at all. Only 10 milligrams of THC. Always.

Patience is necessary, however. The wait can prove challenging for some, but wait you must. Too much THC can get overwhelming fast, so give it a chance to work before eating more. It starts slowly. Gradually. It melts face, warms brain, and leaves you giggling euphorically. Because of its Indica genes, it gets relaxing too. Very relaxing. This is a good choice for use later in the day, maybe in the early evening.

Medical patients gain much benefit from eating these chews. They offer painkilling effects like few other edibles do. What is more, they also treat inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, appetite problems, sleeping issues, muscular disorders, like spasms or convulsions, seizures, headaches, glaucoma, tremors, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, psychosis, and so much more, too much to ever list here.

Everybody benefits from Chewee’s Sour Apple Caramel Chews, though. All who eat them, medical or not. They are popular recreationally for their potency specifically, along with their delightful flavors.

THC: 100mg

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