Chill Peppermint Milk Chocolate

Chill Peppermint Milk Chocolate – 10mg THC


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Product Description

Chill Peppermint Milk Chocolate – 10mg THC

Chill’s chocolate edibles are handcrafted and 100% safe to consume. The company works with a team of experts and connoisseurs to create confections that offer the highest edible experience. Chill, the company, works consistently to provide its consumers with safe and delicious products. Chill Chocolates are made from organically grown cannabis plants and ethically sourced ingredients. Sweetened with real peppermint and silky milk chocolate, this chocolate is perfect for use anytime of the day.

Chill Mini Peppermint Milk Chocolate 10mg offers the same amazing taste in a single dose. This delicious edible is a perfect blend of cool peppermint, creamy milk and cocoa. Infused with well-balanced hybrid strains, it delivers a mix of mind and body effects. You will find long lasting relief from several symptoms and conditions, but always keep it close to tackle ailments such as stress, anxiety, and pain. You can try some other chocolate Chill bars like the Chill Dark Chocolate Mini – 10 mg THC and the delicious Chill – Cannabis Infused Chocolate are perfect cannabis treats to try.


Allergy Warning: This edible was produced in a facility that processes milk, wheat, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and coconut.

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