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Chillum Smoking Pipe


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Chillum Smoking Pipe

For centuries now, across both Asia and Eastern Europe, chillum pipes have been synonymous with mediation and spirituality. Historically, monks and holy men were the very first peoples to use these smoking tools. These days, however, chillums are a popular pipe for anyone smoking dry herbs, medicines and tobaccos, and they are a staple in every weed connoisseur’s home.

Today, they come in different shapes, sizes and mediums. Our glass chillum is a trendy pipe that guarantees a next-level smoking experience. The pipe uses a practical design that is both beautiful to look at and convenient to use. Made of glass, this stylish chillum is a must-have for any pipe collector, and it has an array of useful features too.

Chillum Features

Blown from branded glass, our chillum is an artistic piece of sheer creativity. Its length and size fits perfectly into most hands and makes it extremely easy to use. This pipe is both stylish and convenient. It is also incredibly easy to clean each time you use it, and its trendsetting design makes this chillum a pipe that stands above all others. Guaranteed premium quality, this pipe is truly man’s best friend.

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