Chocolatina weed strain – Sativa – by NUG


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Chocolatina weed strain – Sativa – by NUG

Chocolatina weed by NUG is a rare Sativa-heavy strain of extreme popularity in California. It combines Tina and Mint Chocolate Chip genetics for a tasty strain perfect for use anytime. Tests find no toxins anywhere. No heavy metals, no residual solvents, no pesticides or any other chemicals. It finds cannabinoids though, plenty of them. THC measures around 33 percent and CBD content is very high.

Effects are immediate. This strain hits hard. It starts quickly, leaving you buzzing happily away, free of stress and worry. This is a good choice for daytime use, since it uplifts, motivates, and energizes. It fades slowly into a very relaxing, calm state, just in time for bed. However, moderation is key. Too much and effects can feel overwhelming, especially for newbies and for those with very low tolerance for THC.

Chocolatina is most useful medically. It is a favorite among patients treating a myriad of health issues. It offers a cannabinoid profile the envy of all, making it ideal for relieving headaches, inflammation, nausea, anxiety, pain, vomiting, depression, tumors, muscular disorders, seizures, convulsions, post-traumatic stress disorder, cancers, toxicity, glaucoma, fatigue, sleep problems, and so very much more.

Everybody benefits from NUG Chocolatina, however. This gentle, long-lasting, tasty strain is popular among those looking for a milder buzz. As such, it offers the perfect daytime strain for any occasion.

THC: 33%

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