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Cinderella 99 (Sativa)


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Product Description

Cinderella 99 (Sativa)

Cinderella 99, otherwise known as C99, or simply “Cindy,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid . She’s best known for her potent cerebral high, sweet fruity flavors, and epic yields.  Cinderella 99 is very popular with indoor growers because of its short, bushy stature, high yields, short flowering time, and high THC content (up to 23%).  Cindy’s effects are usually described as dreamy, euphoric, and uplifting.

How Can You Use Cinderella 99?

Cinderella Marijuana strain is great for daytime use. It works well to help patients to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. It is also helpful for treating mild but chronic ache and pains and migraines as well. Cinderella 99 Marijuana eases inflammation, increases appetite, and combats nausea. It is an energy booster for people suffering from fatigue. Cinderella Marijuana is a great strain to stay alert and energetic when you need to medicate. It has a great uplift high that helps in pain and when feeling down. The smell of Cinderella  is a piney, lemon type scent. This strain helps you keep a clear mind and lifts your mood and makes it a perfect daytime strain.

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