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91% THC CLEAR Distilled Marijuana Oil | Hybrid | Syringe – 1 Gram

5.00 out of 5 91% THC CLEAR Distilled Marijuana Oil | Hybrid | Syringe - 1 Gram
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Product Description

91% THC CLEAR Distilled Marijuana Oil | Hybrid | Syringe – 1 Gram

Hybrid – Hi Tone – 1 Gram CLEAR Cannabis –  Triple Distilled Cannabis OIL

THC: 91.02% | CBD 0.0 | CBN 2.12%

Buy Hybrid Hi Tone syinges today from PotValet. These Clear Fractionally distilled Cannabis Oil Syringes have removed all plant matter and impurities to provide the strongest and purest Cannabis Oil form you can find in the world. Hi Tone is known for purity and strength. Hybrid Hi Tone Fractionally Distilled Clear Marijuana oil syringes have developed a process to remove all plant matter and create one of the strongest concentrates you can buy anywhere. The oil is Clear like a window, looks like an Amber tinted clear window. Buy Clear Cannabis Oil from PotValet throughout California.  Each Hybrid Syringe contains 1 gram of Clear Marijuana Oil. This is like nothing you have seen before, only a couple companies in the world can produce Clear Fractionally Distilled Cannabis Oil properly.  The Syringes are completely window clear cannabis oil, all plant matter discarded. This is Cannabis distillation to the Max, true and tested.  Each Hybrid cannabis Oil Syringe is testing above 91% THC.

Hi Tone Hybrid 1 gram Clear Cannabis Oil Syringes are easy to use, unscrew the cap and start pushing the oil out into whatever you like. Most people refill their old oil Cartridges or push a bit of oil onto a bowl. You can even use this oil to bake with, creating awesome edibles.

Why Use These CLEAR Distilled Marijuana Oil | Hybrid | Syringe – 1 Gram?

Hi Tone hybrid Marijuana oil syringes are Clear and boast 91% THC. The process used is a  Fractionally distillation process, where the Oil is refined fractionally, creating a Clear Cannabis Oil, which is seen in the picture. Use these Clear Marijuana Oil syringes for pain relief and to refill your cartridges easily.  Buy Hybrid Clear Marijuana Oil syringes today at PotValet throughout California. Clear Cannabis Oil syringes from Hi Tone are some of the highest rated products on the internet. Hi Tone makes Oil Cartridges, Oil Syringes and Wax.  Hi Tone syringes make for easy use, dose as you push Cannabis out of the syringe. Medicate via dab, bake or smoke with these syringes.  Try Hybrid Clear Marijuana Oil testing above 91% THC today.

Pot Valet Fractionally Distilled Clear Cannabis Oil syringes are available in California | Safely and Legally | 100% Original Products

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4 reviews for 91% THC CLEAR Distilled Marijuana Oil | Hybrid | Syringe – 1 Gram

  1. andrei grosu
    5 out of 5


    Love this Oil. It features a great, long lasting body high, alongside clearheaded mental uplift. It is happy and energetic.

  2. Shane
    5 out of 5


    Wow, this stuff is potent and pure. Smokes clean with an almost immediate high. The high is more of an up and cerebral. The price is amazing for a top shelf extract. A+. I use extracts to treat chronic pain and depression and this is way better than caviar gold oil and cheaper. Very very very thick consistency.

  3. Shane
    5 out of 5


    Returning again and again to this potent extract. I suffer extreme pain and this stuff numbs the pain away better than prescription pain pills.

  4. Shane
    5 out of 5


    All strains of this are so f**king pure, strong and looong lasting. I mean this is my third review of a different substrain of this stuff. Consistently pure and impressed everytime.

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