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Clear Kings Zkittlez Oil Cartridge – Indica

5.00 out of 5 Clear Kings Zkittlez Oil Cartridge - Indica
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Zkittlez Oil Cartridge 


Zkittlez is an award-winning strain. Its extremely delicious flavor and taste combines with balanced hybrid effects undeniably makes it a champion. Clear Kings offers its Zkittlez cannabis oil in a refillable cartridge, allowing the users the freedom to refill whenever they want. Normally, it’s almost impossible to vaporize extracts inside cartridges with conventional oil rigs. This problem is eliminated by the syringe, which allows a user to dab this extract. All Clear Kings Cartridges come features the unique refillable option.

The Zkittlez by Clear Kings is indica leaning, with rather balanced hybrid effects.. It provides the mental clarity and focus needed to handle daily tasks efficiently. It is uplifting and euphoric while it delivers a mild relaxed that allows for physical engagements. An interesting cross of Grape Ape and Grapefruit, it captivates the senses with its rapturous sweet berry and grape flavors. It’s an awesome strain that helps you unwind any time of the day.

This cartridge is ideal for medical use, as it contains no solvents, additives, or butane. Medical marijuana users can find relief from stress, depression, pain, fatigue and insomnia when they use the Zkittlez cartridge oil by Clear kings.

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1 review for Clear Kings Zkittlez Oil Cartridge – Indica

  1. Doug
    5 out of 5


    So sweet and grape flavors!!

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