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Clear Marijuana Oil Cartridge

91% THC CLEAR | Sativa | Triple Distilled Oil Cartridge – 500mg

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CLEAR Marijuana Oil Cartridge


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Product Description

CLEAR | Sativa | Triple Distilled Oil Cartridge – 500mg

91% + THC

Buy Triple Distilled Oil Cartridges today from PotValet, these Oil Cartridges contain the newest Technology in Marijuana,  Clear Triple Distilled co2 extracted Marijuana oil cartridges, available at PotValet are guaranteed to keep you coming back for more and be the purest marijuana oil cartridge you will ever want to use. Clear Triple Distilled Oil Cartridges  go through a unique process of Co2 extraction and triple distillation ensuring their Oil tests upwards of 91% THC an is crystal clear in complexion. Clean Marijuana oil cartridges like these cannot be found anywhere else but PotValet. Buy exclusively today from your local PotValet location. Pot Valet brings the best and top cannabis products from around the world to our patients, trying these will be a gift to yourself. Buy Clear Oil cartridges today from PotValet which test above 91% THC

These Marijuana oil cartridges are co2 extracted 3 seperate times resulting in  the new CLEAR technology. Clear Marijuana Oil is extreme tasty with the Sativa strains of marijuana. Hi Tone has the purest tasting Oil Cartridge products in the world.

How to use Hi Tone CLEAR Triple Distilled Oil Cartridge (Indica)?

Almost all E-pens will work with this cartridge, as it is designed to offer the best smoking experience.  No clogging or burning too hard, because this high tech cartridge regulates itself and has been designed to work perfectly with most e-pen vaporizers.  This is Cannabis in the clearest and purest form, each cartridge is completely Clear and co2 extracted, triple distilled, providing the looks of clarity and highest taste of purity on the market.  Each cartridge is CO2 extracted, tipple distilled Cannabis Oil and provides  91% THC content in every single puff.
Pot Valet Clear Marijuana Oil Cartridge Delivery Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpinteria, Montecito and near by cities | Safely and Legally | 100% Original Products

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1 review for 91% THC CLEAR | Sativa | Triple Distilled Oil Cartridge – 500mg

  1. sumon
    5 out of 5


    Lovely product.. Very effective and pure quality. Highly Recommended.

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