Cookie Train wreck (Hybrid) Overnight Delivery California

Cookie Trainwreck (Hybrid)

5.00 out of 5 Cookie Trainwreck (Hybrid)
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Cookie Trainwreck (Hybrid) Overnight Delivery California

The hard hitting hybrid known as, Cookie Train-wreck is a perfectly balanced strain that explodes for the sky as she quickly fills in with giant, super frosty buds that glimmer in the light with bright white trichomes and bright purplish-green colored leaves. This forum cut Girl Scout Cookies and E-32 Arcata Trainwreck BX combo churns out rather tall plants that stretch for the ceiling super fast if not properly trained, trellised or topped early on into the flowering cycle. When cultivating this beastly hybrid variety indoors you can expect her hefty above-average sized yields of massive nuggets in only 9-10 weeks. While growing her outdoors or in a greenhouse will have you taking her down to trim and dry her up around the beginning to the middle of October at the latest. The super tasty, Cookie Train-wreck provides its user with a lemon-lime and Play-Doh like flavor and aroma that is soon teamed up with and dominated by the classic OG Kush funk that so many currently adore worldwide. Her perfectly balanced hybrid high hits both the body and the mind equally with a fast acting and long lasting buzz that starts by swirling around the head with a nice and euphoric kick before slowly moving down into the body and becoming more of a calming and relaxing smoke.

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2 reviews for Cookie Trainwreck (Hybrid)

  1. William Sligo
    5 out of 5


    What a decent look and flavor! Require one all the more once more… …

  2. mitchel philip
    5 out of 5


    The super tasty, Cookie Train-wreck provides a lemon-lime taste..

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