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Canndescent Create Sativa Dominant Marijuana Strain

Plenty of Sativa and hybrid strains are out there, but creative individuals often find it challenging to discover the one that’s perfect for that right amount of inspiration. With Canndescent Create 302, you need not look further for the ideal strain to find your muse.

Covered in THC crystals, this strain has both flavor and potency, underscoring its popularity throughout California. Users experience just the right amount of high, allowing them to still perform daily tasks, and of course, it doesn’t stifle their creativity.

How Does Candescent Create affect my body?

Canndescent Create is a line of Sativa-dominant hybrid strains grown specifically to create a mild body stone and vivacious artistic experiences. They are ideal for creative pursuits, spectator sports, or musing on what you discover while viewing the world from a distance. And a s a Sativa Dominant Hybrid, this marijuana strain is versatile and perfect for any time of day.

Canndescent Create is an electrifying and inspiring flower that allows you to express yourself while attaining to your creative goals. Though cannabinoid levels may vary from batch to batch, Canndescent Create often tops 23% THC on the average.

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