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Sour Pink Grapefruit Cresco Cartridges – Sativa

5.00 out of 5 Sour Pink Grapefruit Cresco Cartridges - Sativa
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Sour Pink Grapefruit Cresco Cartridges – Sativa


Sour Pink Grapefruit Cresco cartridges are packed with fractionally distilled Sativa cannabis oil, testing over 68%. If you like the Sour Pink Grapefruit strain, then rest assured, you will taste the purity of the strain in every hit, as this cartridge is know for holding all flavor/Terps and THC content from the flavor. Each Cresco cartridge is packed with .5 grams of sweet and tangy Pink Grapefruit cannabis oil.

What you can expect with this product is a euphoric, uplifting high that’s well-suited for daytime use, or whenever a burst of creativity is called for. Each puff of vapor from this oil cartridge explodes with flavor, granting a potent Sativa high to whoever the lucky user is. Cresco’s Pink Grapefruit Oil Cartridges have benefits for both recreational and medical users, having also been known to help treat anxiety and chronic pain. Try these wonderful Sativa oil cartridges from Pot Valet today.

THC: 68.67%

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    Super quality cartridges

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