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Caviar Crumble Gorilla OG Crumble Marijuana Concentrate – 1 gram

5.00 out of 5 Caviar Crumble Gorilla OG Crumble Marijuana Concentrate - 1 gram
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Product Description

Gorilla OG Caviar Crumble Marijuana Concentrate – Hybrid

1 Full Gram

Total Cannabinoids: 805.6

The Caviar crumble marijuana concentrate by Oz is the purest and strongest crumble you can get anywhere!! This is refined crumble by Summit Boys / OZ group and is actually pure white in complexion.  Live resin concentrates are very strong with a potent form of marijuana purely extracted with a critical fractionally extracted CO2 process. The concentrated marijuana crumble is vigorous and very well known in the marijuana medicine market for pain relief but, this white crumble concentrate is on a whole other level. This marijuana crumble is very potent and should be used with caution.

This Crumble cannabis concentrate is in high demand for those who seek taste, relaxation and high. The famous Summit BOys group makes this crumble which is second to none. This is the best dabbing product on the market.  Summit Boys Crumble is famous for its top flavor and smoke. Crumble has synced with many patients because of the purity. As it is extracted by the co2 method, it is guaranteed that the taste is a the terps of weed.

What do you feel when using the Caviar Crumble Marijuana Concentrate?

The feeling is pure euphoria.. You may have some great visions as well. All the pain will be gone and you will feel pretty high. Summit Boys / Oz group has perfected the concentrate game. All of your worries will be at the bay with this Caviar crumble on your side. Use with caution, as this product contains over 80% total cannabinoids and is extremely strong and potent

Crumble Marijuana Concentrate in Los Angeles, California

Some other Wonderful concentrates by Oz would be the Hindu Kush Crumble and under the Summit Boys branding would be the Banana Cream Crumble 

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1 Gram, 1/2 Gram

2 reviews for Caviar Crumble Gorilla OG Crumble Marijuana Concentrate – 1 gram

  1. Whitney
    5 out of 5


    Wow! This is the best Crumble i have had in my life!! So happy i found PotValet. Nothing but Caviar Crumble for me, from now on! Feeling sooo good!

  2. Nathanial
    5 out of 5


    Got soo High!!! The Caviar crumble is redic!! Never going back to the regular crumble in my life

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