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Dime Bag Platinum Kush Pre-Roll – Indica – 1 Gram


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Dime Bag Platinum Kush Pre-Roll – Indica – 1 Gram

The Platinum Kush Pre-Roll by Dime Bag flies off every shelf it ever lands on in California. This popular strain comes rolled lovingly by hand, filled with one gram of the finest. Platinum Kush is an OG Kush phenotype. It inherits all of its most famous traits, including potency and intense flavor. THC content tests around 18 percent, while finding no contaminants anywhere at all. No pesticides or other toxins.

Stoned comes assured. Expect it. Effects hit immediately, right where you need them most. Platinum Kush is a calm and relaxing strain. Because of its Indica inheritance, it is more for chilled times than busy ones. In large doses, effects can feel very sleepy, with even severe cases of couchlock and hunger. In normal doses, effects are gentle, giggly, uplifting, creative, and ideal for late afternoon and evening use.

Cannabinoid levels are high. For medical users, this is especially promising. Patients use this strain and other Kush phenotypes to relieve all manner of health issues. It is extremely effective at numbing pain and treating inflammation. It quells nausea and vomiting, lowers seizure parameters, stops muscular issues. It is also popular among cancer patients, who use it to increase appetite and improve sleep.

Everybody benefits from a Dime Bag Platinum Kush Pre-Roll. Everyone. It is especially popular among newbies and recreational users for its gentle potency, hours-long effects, and extremely pleasant buzz.

THC: 19.45%

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