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Acme Disposable Weed Vape Pen – Hybrid


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Acme Disposable Weed Vape Pen – Hybrid


What is a ACME Biscotti Disposable Weed Vape Pen – Hybrid ?

Loved by vapers across California, the Biscotti Disposable Weed Vape Pen by Acme guarantees high quality vaping oil. Derived from the rare Biscotti strain, famous for being especially dank, this evenly balanced hybrid promises the best of both Sativa and Indica effects. Extracted using CO2 technology, this oil is pure, tested free of heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, toxins, and other harmful contaminants.

Laboratories also test THC levels as high as 86 percent per disposable vape pen, of which each contains .3 grams of Biscotti oil. Effects are immediate. There is no waiting around for them to kick in. You will feel a burst of cerebral euphoria, combined with an abundance of energy, focus, creativity, and productiveness. After a few hours, it will leave your body heavy and your mind happily ready for bed.

For medical patients, Biscotti vaping oil is especially beneficial. It also contains around .72 percent CBD, making it a powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipsychotic, anxiolytic, antidepressant, antiemetic, antioxidant, and so much more. As a full spectrum vape pen, it promises the complete entourage effect for maximum healing, where all cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes work together to treat illness.

Despite its value for patients, the Acme Biscotti Disposable Vape Pen is incredibly popular for recreational use too. Loved for its potency, flavor, and unique effects, it flies off shelves statewide.

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